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Born in Zimbabwe, I started my fitness training in a sports medicine facility, which inspired me to

become a qualified personal trainer. 10 years on, I have worked in Zimbabwe, London and now

Edinburgh. After moving to the UK I initially worked for Virgin Active in London, transferred with

them to Edinburgh and now I have set up my own personal training business.


I firmly believe in educating clients about training their bodies, but also educating their minds.

Everyone should be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and I can help to provide you with solutions to

any fitness barriers you may have, motivate you and support you in your fitness journey. I am

committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals and I will provide you with varying

challenges, bespoke programming as well as information to improve your nutrition.


A trip to the gym shouldn’t be boring or intimidating for anyone, so whether you are new to

training or a gym veteran with some specific goals in mind then this is where you start. It will take

dedication and commitment from you, but if you to want to succeed and have the determination

and the drive to achieve longevity with your training, then let’s get started!!!

A little more about me

My Philosophy

Athletic woman and boxing coach
Athletic woman press-ups
Athletic woman deadlifting
Athletic woman tire flips

Shayne is an excellent personal trainer - with a strong technical knowledge and an equally

strong commitment to help you achieve your goals

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