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F  A  Q

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to cancel a session? – A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required to cancel or re-schedule any session. Any sessions cancelled within 24 hours’ notice will still be charged.


How long are my sessions valid for? – The monthly membership sessions are only valid within their respective calendar month, any sessions not used at the end of the month will be lost. For packs, all sessions are valid for 3 calendar months, any sessions remaining after this time will be lost.


What if I am ill or injured and cannot train? – Please provide evidence from a medical professional (e.g, GP, physiotherapist…etc) and your sessions will be frozen until they have cleared you to resume training.


Can I purchase PT sessions as a gift for someone else? – Yes of course you can. The recipient will still need to complete their own terms and conditions when they commence training.


Can I train with my partner or friend? – Yes, please inquire for further information.


Can you design a customised nutrition plan? – No, I am not a nutritionist! I can provide feedback on your nutrition via a food diary and suggest ways that you could improve.


How long is a 1-2-1 personal training session? – Unless otherwise specified, all sessions are 60 minutes.


What does Bifrost mean? – According to Norse mythology the Bifrost was a burning rainbow bridge which connected the realm of Midgard (Earth) to that of Asgard (The home of the gods). The name was chosen as a metaphor for change between one lifestyle and another. The god Heimdall was the guardian of the Bifrost and our logo is a stylised take on his helmet.

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